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Inducement report is false and misleading-Govt

By James Akoi

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-The Liberian Government says it is false and misleading reports that it gave inducement to recent April 12 demonstration planners to call off their action.

The Government said: “We did not give any money or materials to influence the calling off of the demonstration.”
According to Information Minister, Lewis Brown, it would be a very bad procedure for the Government to do such.

Minister Brown made the clarification at the Information Ministry’s regular press briefing in Monrovia in the wake of reports that the Government gave money to the demonstration’s planners to halt their action.

He strongly refuted reports that Deputy Information Minister, Isaac Jackson, made any such statement.

Meanwhile, the Liberian Government’s Chief Spokesman also said: “President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf will Friday April 19, 2013 meet with leaders of youth groups across the country.”

“The meeting, expected to take place in the Cecil Dennis Auditorium at the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Monrovia, will be closed to the Press,” Minister Brown said.


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