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ECOWAS’ US$50Million Southeastern Road loan ratifies

WholquoinYeahgar/Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.
Southeastern Road in Liberia
Southeastern Road in Liberia

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – The House of Representatives ratified a loan agreement between Liberia and the ECOWAS Bank for Development.

The decision was reached Monday, September 30, 2019 following a report submitted by the House Joint Committee on Ways Means, Banking and Currency and Public Works.

The committees noted that the agreement seeks to finance the Barclayville to Klowne Sasstown Road construction in Southeastern Liberia.

The loan according to reporters, is in the tune of US$50Million with repayment plan within 25-years. The Barclayville to Klowne Sassatown Road Project is 96 kilometers and shall be designed for 20 years.


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