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Salaries of Chief Justice and other Justices made public

Daniel Ankrah/Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.
The chief Justic of the Republic of Liberia, Francis Korkpor
The chief Justic of the Republic of Liberia, Francis Korkpor

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - The Director of Public information at the Judiciary, Daryl Ambrose Nmah has started that the judiciary is not resisting salary cut.

Mr. Nmah said: “Article (72) of the 1986 constitution says the salaries of the chief Justice and justices of the Supreme Court and all other Judges shall receive salaries, allowances and benefits as which shall be subject to taxes as defined by law, provided that they shall not otherwise be diminished”.

Speaking to ELBC Wednesday, October 2, 2019 Mr. Nmah, further pointed out this allows for Supreme Court and Judges of subordinate courts’ salaries to be increased but may not be reduced except under a national program enacted by the Legislature.

According to Director Nmah, the Chief Justice, currently makes LD40,50076  as salary and US16,541, inclusive of all benefits such as gas, scratch card and etc. while all Associate Justices, he said make a uniform Liberian dollar salary of LD40,500 and US11,700.

Mr Nmah, also acknowledged that the justices and judges are allowed such salary because the law prevents them from, having any other sources of income, including owning personal business, and etc.


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