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Rep. Smith regrets govts development failures

By Augustine Myers
Grand Bassa County, Representative Gabriel Smith
Grand Bassa County, Representative Gabriel Smith

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-Grand Bassa County lawmaker, Representative Gabriel Smith says he regrets the government’s inability to provide Liberians the basic social services, especially water and sanitation. 

Representative Gabriel Smith claimed: “The government has failed to deliver on some of its social promises to its citizens since 2006.”

He said: “Government must be able to, at least, provide the people safe water and sanitation, if it is finding it difficult to provide them electricity for now.”

The Grand Bassa County Representative made the claim Friday April 19, 2013 in Buchanan, the County’s provincial city, while addressing the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Interactive Program known as, “Meet the Law Makers Forum”.

He pledged his support to a WASH National Legislative Committee to champion the issue of people’s access to water and sanitation facilities.

Speaking earlier, the Advocacy and Communications Coordinator at the Liberia WASH Consortium, Robertetta Ross, said: “The Forum was intended to increase Legislators’ interest on water and sanitation.

“The Liberia WASH Consortium is committed to ensuring that Liberian and foreign residents have access to safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene facilities across the country,” Miss Ross reiterated.

The “Meet the Law Makers Forum” was organized by the Youth and Disabled WASH Network, in partnership with the Liberia WASH Consortium.

Mr. Smith is representing the people of Grand Bassa County, on his second term, in the House of Representatives at the National Legislature.

He won the seat in the 2011 National Elections, following the end of his first term that introduced him to the National Legislature in 2005 in similar elections in Liberia.


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