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Independent Nat’l Media Commission checks ethical issues…

Daniel Ankrah/Maximilian Kasseh,Jr.
Madam Elizabeth Hoff
Madam Elizabeth Hoff

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The newly re-constituted Independent National Media Council says it is currently investigating issues of ethical standards concerning some radio stations.

The Chairperson of the Council, Elizabeth Hoff, said:” It is the Council’s responsibility to regulate media contents in adherence to the code of conduct for governing journalists in Liberia.”

Speaking with this station Monday, October 21.2019, Madam Hoff disclosed that the National Media Council is also reviewing cases that were not resolved by former officials of the Council.

Meanwhile, Madam Hoff said the Council is seeking support from the legislature to set UP the Independent Media Commission.

According to her, if the Commission is set up, it would have the ability to regulate content, and take legal actions against would be violators besides just naming and shaming.


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