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Association of Liberian Shippers established in the United States

Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Philip Woods
Philip Woods

USA-Liberians in the United States of America have established an organization called, the Association of Liberian Shippers in the United States (ALISUS).

The intention of the organization is to regularly shipped items to Liberia, including used vehicles, clothes, cosmetics, and bicycles among others.

ALISUS’ initiative will further help the Liberian Government create jobs by doing business that pay taxes.

According to ALISUS release issued Tuesday, October 22, 2019, the organization made arrangements to discuss a number of issues with the Managing Director of the National Port Authority, while attending the United Nations General Assembly meeting with President George Weah in September 2019,but unfortunately the meeting could not hold.

According to the release, some issues that ALISUS intends to discuss with the NPA Managing Director are the delay caused by APM Terminal port operations resulting to the loss of resources to businesses, the five (5) days free time to clear a container, including holidays among others.

However, ALISUS is calling on the Liberian Government to consider lowering tariffs place on goods at the Free Port of Liberia, to enable it reasonably contribute towards the growth of the Liberian Economy.


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