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Swedish Government commits US$10m to Liberia

By Patrick Flomo

 (mylbsonline/Liberia)-The Swedish Government has committed US$10m to the Liberian Government’s decentralization program.

An official of the Swedish Embassy near Monrovia says: “The fund is a clear indication of the importance her government attaches to the decentralization of various development program of Liberia.”

“The Swedish Government understands the significance of decentralizing development activities throughout the country,” Marja Ruohomaki said.

A release quotes her as saying: “Decentralization largely contributes to socio-economic development where citizens gain access to basic social services, Justice and Security, as well as other opportunities that would positively impact Liberia’s transformation.”

At the same time, UNDP and the European Union have committed US$6.5m and US$2.5m, respectively to support the Liberian Government’s decentralization initiative.

UNDP Country Director, Dominic Sam, added: “Decentralization is a key pillar of Liberia’s transformation.”

Director Sam pledged UNDP’s commitment to ensuring the success of the program.

For his part, Internal Affairs Minister, Blamo Nelson, lauds UNDP, EU, and the Government of Sweden for their support to the country’s decentralization program.

Minister Nelson made the commendation Thursday April 25, 2013 in Monrovia. “The Liberian Government has allotted US$5m to jump-start its decentralization program,” the Internal Affairs Minister added.


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