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The Press Union of Liberia will depoliticize-PUL President

Zoquaye Beysolow-Konneh/Maximilian Kasseh
PUL President Charles Coffey
PUL President Charles Coffey

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The President of the Press Union of Liberia wants the Union depoliticized to represent a true professional organization.

Mr. Coffey said:” The ownership of media entities by politicians remains a serious challenge to the Union, as those politicians hired individuals who operate at the will of said politicians, thereby ignoring the doctrine of the Union and the Journalism profession.”

He said:” The PUL will not support media entities that will use their platforms to instigate violence and preaching hate messages to satisfy their owners.”

Meanwhile, the incumbent President of the PUL says he wants to be re-elected to complete projects and programs started under his administration.

The PUL President said that at no time has the Union under his leadership called for the closure of media houses as claimed by his critics.


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