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Women in Saclepea protest in demand of the burial of a rape victim

jCephas,Garneo Jos/Maximilian Kasseh
Saclepea City,Nimba County
Saclepea City,Nimba County

SAMMIQUELLIE CITY, NIMBA COUNTY, LIBERIA-Several women in Seclepea, Nimba County, have carried out a peaceful protest in demand of the burial of an eleven year-old girl allegedly rapped to death.

The women under the banner “Women against Crime”,   peacefully marched through the streets of Seclepea, and petitioned authorities of the county to allow the burial of the deceased.

The women in a two - count petition, want Government speed up investigation and bring the perpetrator to justice.

According to our Lower Nimba County Correspondent, the petitioners also want Government bury of the deceased since no autopsy has been conducted for the past ten months. 

The girl was reportedly raped to death in January this year by an unknown person, though a Seventy-Seven year old man was suspected of carrying out the act.

Suspect Josiah Kiawu is currently in prison in Sanniquellie, pending investigations and the body of the girl is still deposited at the Funeral Home.


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