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Football Scout in Liberia to find players

Kolubah Zayzay/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
 Kevin Olivieira
Kevin Olivieira

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Fifa Football Agent Kevin Olivieira arrived in Liberia at the weekend to visit his player, Sam Johnson, who is home on a break.

Oliveira, however, isn’t in Monrovia for a fun fare, but to try and find the new “Sam Johnson” as he will be visiting the Antoinette Tubman Stadium to look at players playing in the Petro Trade Cup this weekend.

Speaking on the Super Sports Program on State Radio Saturday, November 30, 2019, Kevin Olivieira said he wants to identify new players that could be taken to Europe to play professional soccer.

He said: “I believe Liberia has the raw talents that need to be exposed to the rest of the World.”

Kevin Olivieira said it has always been an ambition for him to come to Africa to find talents.

He said working with Sam Johnson in the last two years has been rewarding, as the Liberian International has shown his worth of talents and professionalism as a soccer player.

“I always had the ambition to find raw talents in Africa, but I never came across the right partner to do so. Now working with Sam, we have a good relationship” he said.

With many football agents not finding the interest in coming to Liberia to scout talents, Kevin Olivieira said if good players are discovered by him, it could open the door for many other football agents to run to Liberia.

The Dutch man was invited to Liberia by Sam Johnson, one of thirty international footballers he manages as a Fifa football agent.

Sam had told his agent, that there are many good football players in Liberia that need agents to get them to top leagues.

Kevin Olivieira said he wouldn’t use his first visit to conclude on players, but will visit again to see more talents.

“I’m looking for talents for any position and not only attacker. If I find even a goalkeeper that is good, that will be great. Our plans are to find more talents and take them to Europe for development” said Kevin.


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