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Senate Protempore Findley unsure of salary increment

By Dyrus Zinnah
The Senate President Protempore,Gbezongar Findley
The Senate President Protempore,Gbezongar Findley

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-The Senate President Protempore says he can neither confirm, nor deny that there will be Civil Servants salary increment, upon the 2013/2014 Fiscal Budget passage.

Senator Gbezongar Findley was responding to questions by Legislative reporters after the Protempore was presented the symbolic draft budget by Finance Ministry authorities. Senate Protempore Findley is a citizen from Grand Bassa County.

He however said: “The House of Senate will strive to narrow the economic gap between the rich and poor Liberians.”

Senator Findley boasted: “I am among those controlling the Liberian economy and I became part of the economy’s controlling mechanism as a result of hard business work.”

“Lawmakers do have better incentives, but bulk of the amount is spent on the people they represent,” the Protempore noted.

He made the comments Sunday May 5, 2013 when he clarified public comments that Liberian lawmakers are wealthy people and insensitive to the plights of the poor. 


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