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Liberia joins Africas fight against corruption

By James Akoi

 (mylbsonline/Liberia)-Liberia has joined efforts to enhance the fight against corruption on the African continent.

The fight against corruption is under the African Peer Review Mechanism Country Review Reports.

It follows Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission Chairperson’s recent participation in a technical expert workshop against fraud and other financial mal-practices.

The two-week workshop was held in Gaborone, Botswana, where Liberia was represented by its anti-corruption Boss, Cllr. Frances Johnson-Allison.

The workshop was organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

The exercise’s objective was to create an environment, where anti-corruption heads on the continent can review and critique the draft legislation on anti-corruption in Africa.

The African Peer Review Report was adopted by African Heads of State and Government as a peer learning and self-assessment mechanism.

The African Peer Review group is a mutually agreed instrument voluntarily accepted by African Union members.

The group is an African self-monitoring mechanism, geared at fostering the adoption of political stability and high economic growth amongst others.


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