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Ecole Nationale dArchitecture awards Liberian student fellowship

By mylbsonline staff
George Williams Nketsia
George Williams Nketsia

(mylbsonlins/Liberia)-A Liberian graduate student has been awarded a fellowship by one of France’s most prestigious architectural institution, the Architecture and Urban Development Institute.

George Williams Nketsia is in Paris undergoing an intensive research program to include City Designs, Evaluation, City Layout, and drawing among others.

Mr. Nketsia is in the Master Program in Architecture and Urban Development Engineering at the Ecole Nationale d’Architecture in Rabat, Morocco.

He won a scholarship from the Liberian Government in 2008, under its inter-Ministerial Scholarship Committee and completed his Bsc programs in 2012, having completed a six-month intensive French Language.

Mr. Nketsia added: “I see this as an opportunity to acquire the requisite knowledge and skills and to contribute to the development of my country, after several years of civil war.”

“Liberia is truly gathering a lot of experienced technocrats at the Ministry to enhance national development drive.”

“The Paris Fellowship will expose me to the realities and understanding of the advanced technology in modern-day city designs. It will also brighten my skills in mastering my abilities to evaluate and undertake appropriate architectural plans for my future success,” he said.

“As a young Liberian coming from the desecrated and disastrous war that had pushed behind everything, including my life, was the thing that matters to me most, especially after high school and the years that followed.”

After high school and after earning a Diploma in Computer Science from the International Institute of Computer Science and Manpower Development, Mr. Nketsia applied for the Liberia-Morocco bilateral scholarship program in 2008 and was accepted.

Upon completing the first phase of the training programs in Morocco, he underwent an internship at the Public Works Ministry in Liberia.

Such training program has exposed student Nketsia to the ‘real work’ of architectural design and expressed appreciation to all sponsors for the opportunity provided him.  


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