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HLP capable of solving worlds problems -Prez Sirleaf

By Patrick Flomo
The Liberian Leader, President Elolen Johnson-Sirleaf
The Liberian Leader, President Elolen Johnson-Sirleaf

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf says members of the High Level Panel (HLP) have the capacity to find solutions to the numerous problems confronting the world.

The Liberian Leader said: “After months of deliberations and consultations, members of the HLP now have the opportunity to agree on what is essential for the good of humanity.”

She wants the HLP members reach a conclusion on how they want to frame a new development agenda to feed into the Secretary General’s report for a new global, inclusive and sustainable agenda.

President Johnson-Sirleaf is quoted in a dispatch from the United States as saying: “The challenge is for each member of the HLP to agree that not every policy agenda that they bring to the table will find its way into the final document.”

The Liberian Leader spoke at the 5th meeting of the High Level Panel on a post-2015 Global Development Agenda (GDA) taking place in New York.


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