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FDA-led delegation consults Lofa County authorities

By Benjamin S. Taingay

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-A high level delegation is in Lofa County to hold consultation with local authorities on the implementation of afforestation and reforestation projects in the county.

The delegation is headed by the FDA  Assistant Managing Director for Operations, Kederick Johnson.

FDA Public Relations Manager, Anthony Vanwen, told mylbsonline over the weekend that the project is put at US$500,000.00.

“It is being funded by the Liberian Government and will be implemented in Foyah District, Lofa County,” Mr. Vanwen said.

He added: “Under the afforestation component, trees will be planted in areas where there have been no trees for at least fifty years.”

“The reforestation component will be implemented in areas where patches of forest in the area have been depleted.”

The FDA Public Relations Manager added: “Under the project, both exotic and indigenous species will be planted and named revenue generation for the government, job creation, increase in Liberia’s forest cover and the generation of additional carbon to help ease environmental degradation, among others as benefits to be accrued from the project".

“The Liberian Government has already US$125,000.00 to cover the first phase of the project.



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