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Storm devastated-Buchanan sends SOS call

By Jos Garneo Cephas
   3-year old  storm victim, Mercy Wayma
3-year old storm victim, Mercy Wayma

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-Grand Bassa County Superintendent, Edwina Cooper, has sent an SOS call for Government to urgently assist families victimized by recent storm that  destroyed homes across the county.

Superintendent Cooper also made similar call on NGOs and development partners to provide humanitarian assistance for the storm victims.

Speaking to mylbsonline Sunday, May 26, 2013 in Grand Bassa County, the County Information Officer, Eddie Williams, quoted Superintendent Cooper as saying:  “The storm devastation has so far recorded eight wounded persons, with no casualties.”

“The number of homes and public buildings, including two churches, destroyed by the storm has increased to more than 80.

“County authorities have declared the Storm devastation as a ‘major disaster’ that hard hit Buchanan city”, Mr. Williams said. 

Superintendent Cooper made the appeal at an emergency meeting Sunday, May 26, 2013 with the county’s Legislative Caucus, leading organizations and companies operating in Grand Bassa and Buchanan, the provincial capital of the County.

The Medical Officer-In-Charge at the Government Hospital in Buchanan, Joseph Zondoe, said: “The hospital received more than five storm victims and they have since been treated and discharged, while those seriously injured are being admitted”.

The some of the injured persons who spoke to mylbsonline at the Government Hospital in Buchanan were mostly women and children.

According to the mother of 3-year old victim, Mercy Wayma, her daughter had gone to collect fallen mangoes when she got injured by falling zinc.

Another little girl, Hanna Jackson, 11, said: “I was bathing in the downpour when the storm hit me against a palm tree causing fracture in my right leg.”

Our assessment in Buchanan shows massive destruction of schools, churches and dwelling homes in five communities, including New Buchanan, Corn Farm, Fante Town, Gorzohn and parts of Tubman Street.

The first line of relief items including mats blankets and others have been presented to  the victims by the county's authorities as more from else where is expected.


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