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Man, 43, on trial for rape, murder

By Arthur Douglas

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-A man believed to be 43 is undergoing court trial in Greenville, Sinoe County for allegedly committing multiple state crimes.

Police spokesman, Sam Collins, told mylbsonline Monday, May 27, 2013 that the defendant is being held for allegedly raping and gruesomely murdering a 13-year old girl.

“The alleged rapist has admitted to the crime during police preliminary investigation and he’s currently facing court trail.” Mr. Collins said.  

He, however, refused to further comment on the matter to avoid prejudicing the case since it was already before a local court.

According to the report, the defendant, whose name is being withheld by the police, allegedly murdered the teenager when she threatened to report him for sexually assaulting her.

Mr. Collins said: “The girl’s body was later turned over to family members and buried after preliminary investigation and examination by the police were held to establish the case.”

Though the photo of the victim was not displayed to our reporter, the police spokesman noted: “I’m talking about somebody being chopped with a cutlass more than once.
It is fearful, actually, when you see the photo; it brings sorry to your heart, due to the form and manner in which the little girl was murdered.”

This case is the latest in a series of sexual gender-based violence that has rapidly increased over the past few months.

Memories of sexual abuses, including the most recent case, involving the       43-year old man, and a Lebanese national are still fresh on the minds of many.

The current wave of sexual abuse against women and children has also claimed the attention of some prominent and powerful women at the helm of power.

President Johnson- Sirleaf, Justice Minister, Christiana Tarr and Gender Minister, Julia Duncan-Cassel, are among the prominent and powerful women who are calling for tougher measures against would-be perpetrators.

The LNP Spokesman added: “The situation as appalling and the police was deeply disturbed. It is unfortunate that while they were focusing on reducing armed robbery and other crimes, the perpetration of rape has drastically increased.”

“The LNP is in full readiness to combat the crime and that we have already instructed our Women and Children Section commanders across the country to be vigilant, professional and uncompromising in handling rape cases.” Mr. Collins also said.

According to him, the LNP has conducted a sensitization workshop with communities in West Point to report and avoid compromising rape cases.

Rape is a serious crime under Liberian laws and it usually involves sexual intercourse initiated by one, or more persons against another without his consent.


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