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Senate may hold Executive in contempt, if

By Dyrus Zinnah
 The seat of Liberia's Parliament
The seat of Liberia's Parliament

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-The Liberian Senate has threatened the Executive with contempt, if it fails to submit budget performance report to it.

According to the Senate, government ministries and agencies’ failure to submit performance reports was hampering the budget process.

The Senate reached the decision in Monrovia Thursday, June 6, 2013, following a communication from Senator Alphonso Gaye on the issue.

In his communication, Senator Gaye said: “Performance reports will help determine the value of the money appropriated to ministries and agencies".

During a debate on the Senator’s communication, Senate Protempore, Gbehzongar Findley, asked committee heads to use the subpoena power for the report.

According to mylbsonline Legislative Reporter, some Senators often complain to Plenary that funds allocated in the National Budget for projects were never expended.

Recently, Finance Minister, Amara Konneh, also complained to the Senate that government allocated millions of dollars to ministries and agencies, but they failed to report how the money was spent.


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