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Injury could rob midfielder, Ansu Keita of Senegal Clash

By Kolubah Zayzay
Alseny Ocha-cha Keita
Alseny Ocha-cha Keita

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-Lone Star Team Doctors in Kampala, Uganda are still struggling to restore normal fitness to top-performing midfielder, Alseny “Ocha-cha” Keita.

Keita is being faced with scourge of severe hamstring injury pains that did not subside to convince team Doctor Jallabah to allow him execute his midfield role in the match between Liberia’s Lone Star and the Cranes of Uganda in Kampala.

“I thought I could make it, but doctor, the pains are too much,” Keita lamented while undergoing treatment.

The midfielder told mylbsonline reporter, traveling with the Lone Star, that he would prefer more rest on the leg to be [possibly] in a better condition for the home clash with Senegal’s Teranga Lions this Sunday in Monrovia.

Keita was part of Monday’s practice session, but did not do hard workouts.

He was limited to continue with only speed-jogging in the build-up to the Uganda encounter, as doctors are still making efforts to see off the injury.

The hamstring injury is already sidelining Keita, who has practically replaced Oliver Makor on the senior national football team.

In recent time, Makor’s performance has been marked by sluggish displays in Lonestar’s matches.

Keita’s absence was vivid in the Liberia-Uganda match that saw the former going down 1-nil. The game took place at the Naamboole Nelson Mandela National Stadium.

Our reporter said: “During the 90- minute football display, Liberia’s midfield, on a number of occasions, had to be beefed up by retreating strikers, or overlapping defenders.”

“Aside from the France-based Alseny Keita, no other injury concerns were expressed by team-doctors and technical staffers of the Lone star in Kampala.


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