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IIC begins forest sector related complaint hearings

By Emmanuel Zinnah
 An African symbol of communication
An African symbol of communication

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-The Independent Information Commission (IIC) says, it will begin hearings into complaints filed by individuals and groups reportedly denied access to information by public institutions.

According to a release, Section 5.2 (a) of the Freedom of Information Law gives the commission the right to receive, hear and decide complaints under the Act.

Meanwhile, IIC Commissioner, Cllr. Bedor-Wla Freeman, is calling on public and private entities, charged with the responsibility of providing freedom of information law, to set up a review team.

The review team, when set up, will be responsible for submitting annual reports to the commission.

The release quotes Cllr. Freeman as having said: “Access to information is a key human right that ensures accountability.”

Liberia is the first West African Nation to pass the Freedom of Information Law in 2010. 


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