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LBS staff to undergo training abroadDirector-General Nmah

By Jonathan Grigsby
LBS Director-General Nmah
LBS Director-General Nmah

(mylbsonline/Liberia)-LBS Director General, Darryl Ambrose Nmah, has spoken of plans for employees of the entity to undergo advance training in Turkey and two West African countries.

Mr. Nmah named Ghana and Nigeria, where employees will be trained as part of LBS Management’s capacity-building program.

He said: “The training will cover program contents in television production and how reporters of LBS can carry out their reportage as National Broadcasters.”

“The advance of the system’s employees will begin July this year,” the LBS Director General also said.

Mr. Nmah added: “The training of LBS employees is crucial in Liberia’s transformation process, as the country and people move toward the 2014 Special Election and the 2017 National Elections.”

The LBS Director General made the disclosure at his Paynesville office Thursday, June 13, 2913 upon his return from Istanbul, Turkey.

The LBS Boss had gone to Turkey to attend a media forum, organized by the Turkey International Foundation.

Mr. Nmah further noted: “I established a relationship with a company in Turkey that operates a satellite channel.”

“The company agreed to provide LBS with some of its programs, including education and entertainment, free of charge,” he also said. 


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