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Liberia, Vatican pledge consolidation of bilateral ties

By Jacob Parley
Ambassador Miroslaw Adamczk  and President Elen Johnson-Sirleaf
Ambassador Miroslaw Adamczk and President Elen Johnson-Sirleaf

( new Vatican Ambassador has presented his letters of credence to the Liberian Government.

Ambassador Miroslaw Adamczk pledged to working along with the Liberian Government to promote the cordial ties subsisting between Liberia and the Holy See.

Ambassador Adamczk said: “I would strive to build upon the positive foundation laid by the Catholic Church in the country over the years.”

“Pop Francis recognizes Liberia with the highest esteem and looks forward to enhancing the cordiality that continues to characterize diplomatic ties between Liberia and the Vatican,” Nuncio Adamczk also added.“

For her part, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf lauded Ambassador Adamczk and the Vatican for the contributions of the Catholic Church in Liberia.

According to our Executive Mansion Correspondent, President Johnson-Sirleaf made reference to the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), and the Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) in Monrovia.

The Liberian Leader also highlighted the positive contributions of Catholic Archbishop, Michael Kpakala Francis, prior to his death.

Formal diplomatic relations between Liberia and the Vatican began in 1951.  


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