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Labor Congress stresses Decent Work Bills concurrence

By Joseph Sayon
A laborer  at a local platation in Liberia
A laborer at a local platation in Liberia

( Leadership of the Liberia Labor Congress (LLC) is calling on the House of Representatives to urgently concur with the Senate on the passage of the Decent Work Bill.

LLC President, Aletha Manning, said: “The Six United States Dollars minimum wage set by the Senate in the Decent Work Bill is reasonable and should be embraced by all Liberians.”

“The concurrence of the House of Representatives will bring a great relief to the Labor force of Liberia.” Madam Manning noted.

She praised the Senate for passing the Decent Work Bill recently, describing the move as a boost to the Liberian labor force.

“I will continue to press for the passage of the minimum wage at Six United States Dollars because it is the best bench mark for now.” The LLC President added.

In recent weeks, the Liberian Senate passed the controversial Decent Work Bill which suffered several setbacks at the National Legislature.


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