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ICC endorses CEMESPs Assets Declaration request

By James Akoi
CEMESP Boss, Malcom Joseph
CEMESP Boss, Malcom Joseph

( The Independent Information Commission (IIC) has endorsed request by the Center for Media Studies and Peace Building (CEMESP) for Assets Declaration Documents (ADD).

CEMESP had requested the LACC to make available to it the ADDs on cabinet ministers and their deputies.

CEMESP’s request to the LACC is in line with the Freedom of Information Act (FIA). The IIC has, accordingly, ruled that the LCC adheres to CEMESP’s request.

The Commission wants LCC release the documents and not rely on Executive Order 38 to restrict the possession of Assets Declaration papers.

The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission said: “We will seek an appeal through the Civil Law Court, because Section 10.3 of the Executive Order Number 38 terms Assets Declaration Forms as classified and not for public use.”

“Section 1.7 of the Freedom of Information Act gives them (the Media) the edge to obtain the Assets Declaration papers of cabinet ministers and their deputies,” CEMESP noted.

The Assets Declaration Documents, filed by cabinet ministers and other government officials, contain information on all of their properties and family members.


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