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Contract Negotiation Workshop formulates Monrovia Declaration

By Jonathan Grigsby
Some of the International and local participants
Some of the International and local participants

( at the just-ended fourth series workshop on contract Negotiation for Developing Host Countries have formulated the Monrovia Declaration.

The Monrovia Declaration focused on three proposals aimed at strengthening the capacity of least developed country governments as they negotiate and monitor complex contracts for large-scale investment projects.

The proposals called for information sharing and coordinating mechanism to form a multi-dimensional online database, or gateway.

It also called for the establishment of a contract Negotiation Center to enable interactions between the support requester and experts providing information via the internet.

It also added: “There is a need for the formation of a rapid response Advisory Unit to mobilize multi-disciplinary teams of both local and international experts to step in when government needs timely and affordable advice before and during contract negotiation.

Speaking at the close of the workshop, NIC Chairman, Natty Davis, noted: “The workshop has filled existing gaps in providing support to developing countries that lack capacity to address issues relating to natural resource governance environment.”

The gathering was organized by Humboldt-Viadrina in Germany and hosted by Liberia’s National Investment Commission.


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