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Inside LIB-SHOWBIZ: All Africa Music nominates David Mell for award

By Jos Garneo Cephas
Liberias famous melody maker, David Mell
Liberias famous melody maker, David Mell

(mylbsonline.com/Liberia)-Liberia’s famous melody maker, David Mell, has been nominated to contest in an All Africa Music Annual Awards (AAMA) for his unique contribution to Liberian music.

He won himself this opportunity to enter the All African Music & Arts’ prestigious award to be voted for as the Best Male Vocal of the year category for his song “I’m in Love.”

Mr. Mell expressed gratitude to the Almighty God for His mercy and said:  “I am filled with excitement, because God has restored me to normalcy and provided me the opportunity to be nominated and I know my fans worldwide will vote me massively online.”

A release quotes David Mell’s Manager, Lena Marshall, as saying: “This is a Global Musical Award event for African Musicians. It was offered by the Academy of African Music & Arts.”

According to Mr. Marshall, “There will be a red carpet entrance for the award’s nominees in San Diego City, California, USA, on November 9, 2013.”

The red carpet entrance is expected to be opened at The Lyceum Theatre and will be broadcast live by Fox Television Network,” the release concluded.

Major nominees and contestants in the first AAMA debuts are Nigerian artists, 2 Face, 9 Ice, Dare FT Cha millionaire, Ghana’s Kwabena Kwabena, J.Marins, Deprince Joesz, among other stars.

The nomination of the music genius, David Mell, came after he narrowly escaped death in a fire incident in Paynesville city.

Voting is ongoing throughout July, 2013 for the nominees. The award is dedicated to the Forgotten Children of Africa, dubbed, “Mercy World Concert.” 
To vote online for David Mell, go to (http://www.allafricamusicawards.org/vote.php).   http://www.allafricamusicawards.org/vote.php?vid=9


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