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Dr. Guannue outlines Liberias major challenges since 1847

By Sorbor George
Some Public primary school  students
Some Public primary school students

( Liberian historian, Dr. Joseph Guannu, says: “The country has been confronted with major challenges since 1847.”

Dr. Guannu named some of those challenges as territorial expansion, participation in decision-making, rights to citizenship and morality.

Speaking on ELBC Super Morning Show Friday, July 26, 2013, Dr. Guannu added: “Though past leaders attempted addressing those problems, they did not succeed to a greater extent.

According to Dr. Guannu, Liberia’s progress largely depends on the quality of its educational system.

He believes, as Liberia celebrates its 166th years of existence, priority must be placed on the country’s educational system from three fronts.

The Liberian historian named the three fronts as the students, faculty, and instructional materials, saying: “If addressed, the country’s educational system could greatly impact the future of Liberia.

Dr. Guannu also made specific reference to what he called, “moral high ground” in tackling corruption and other societal ills in the Liberian society.

He called on national leaders to build courage and take stance on such high moral ground to prosecute people guilty of corruption.


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