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UNHCR repatriates over 10,000 Ivoirian refugees

By Patrick Flomo

( United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) says it has repatriated more than ten thousand Ivorian refugees so far from Liberia this year.

A release quotes the (UNCHR) as saying: “The Ivoirian returnees fled to Liberia, more than two years ago, following post- election violence in Cote d’Ivoire.”

“The Ivoirian refugees, mostly living in camps and communities in Grand Gedeh , Nimba, Maryland and River Gee Counties, are  returning to Toulepleu, Tabou and Dianane in Cote d’ Voire,” the release said.

UNCHR Officer-in-Charge, Andrew Mbogori, is quoted in the release as having said: ”The agency facilitated the repatriation of nearly six thousand Ivoirian refugees last year.”

“Over the past one year, the repatriation of Ivorian refugees had been interrupted, due to attacks on villages on the Ivoirian side of the border and the killing of seven UN peace keepers  IN June last year. “ Mr. Mbogori noted.

He noted: “Plans are under way by my agency to facilitate the repatriation of 16,000 additional Ivorian refugees shortly.”

Mr. Williams praised the level of security improvement and expressed the hope that security situation will continue to improve to encourage more Ivorian refugees to return home without any form of embarrassment at the border.

“Due to deteriorating condition of the road, as a result of the continuous down pour, my agency, in collaboration with UNMIL and other partners, is currently rehabilitation the road to keep it open,” he asserted.

The UNCHR has been facilitating the voluntary repatriation of the refugees by organizing road convoys, in collaboration with LRRRC and other partners.


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