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Support information dissemination fully-Media managers

By Sorbor George
  Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) Director-General,  Darryl Ambrose Nmah
Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) Director-General, Darryl Ambrose Nmah

( media executives have acknowledged the level of government’s support to its information dissemination machinery.

Attorney Philip Wisseh of the Inquire Newspaper, Messrs, Varney Passaway of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT) and Darryl Ambrose Nmah of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) said: “The support needs to be stepped to achieve the desired results.”

Attorney Wesseh and Messrs. Passaway and Nmah also thanked Cllr. Varney Sherman for raising the issue of weaknesses in the government’s information dissemination, but noted: “Cllr. Sherman should have done more research.”

Speaking on the ELBC Super Morning Show Monday, July 30, 2013 in Paynesville, the three media executives argued that the weaknesses in the system cannot be attributed to non-performance, rather to resource-based problem.

They reminded the Government that in the absence of effective information dissemination, its development efforts will not be highly recognized.

Attorney Wesseh, Messrs. Passaway and Nmah also called for adequate support in terms of budgetary increment, State-of-the-Art Equipment to MICAT and LBS to become more effective in informing the citizenry.

“Government’s information dissemination must not be seen as the President’s project, rather a national project that should be a policy issue,” the three media executives added.

They then called on policy makers to see the President’s dream for transformation as a national priority by providing the Media adequate budgetary allocation for effective public information dissemination.


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