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Govt generates US$10m from logging in 2013

By Sorbor George

( Liberian Government says it generated revenue in the amount of US$10m from the logging industry during the 2013.

Forestry Development Authority (FDA) Acting Managing Director, Harrison Karnweah, said: “Government generated the money from on-going contracts it entered into with foreign concessionaires operating in the country.”

Speaking on ELBC “Super Morning Show” Monday, July 30, 2013 in Paynesville, Mr. Karnweah named the Forest Management Contract, Timber Sales, Management Contract and the Community Forest Management Contract as sources of revenue from the logging industry.

According to the Acting FDA Managing Director, though some of the Private Use Permits (PUPs) issued those concessionaires are non operational, others are effective to a greater extent.

Mr. Karnweah said: “Government is no longer issuing new PUPs amidst the moratorium placed on same. It is currently reviewing option to cancel questionably issued permits by going through legal process.”

On the issue of capacity, Acting Managing Director Karnweah described the Authority as grossly under-funded
“FDA is being faced with numerous problems, including payroll deficit, liability of half a million United States Dollars, and struggling to survive in a rather congested environment,” Mr. Karnweah said.

The FDA Boss also described as troubling, the Authority’s efforts in generating huge revenue for the nation while it is continuously struggling to survive.


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