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Sea erosion rapidly takes over Lake Shepherd

By Nathan Charles
Lake Sherpard , Marland County(Liberia)
Lake Sherpard , Marland County(Liberia)

( from Maryland County says sea erosion is gradually taking over Liberia’s historic landmark, “Lake Shepherd.” 

Lake Shepherd is located in Maryland County, one of Liberia’s Southeastern Region counties.

According to mylbsonline reporter, the sea has moved several meters into the lake, due to continuous sand mining.    

Harper City Mayor, Regina Sampson, has confirmed the situation.

Our reporter quotes Madam Sampson as saying: “My office will shortly liaise with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Lands Mines and Energy Ministry to relocate the sand miners.”  

Recently, the Government of Liberia put a halt to beach sand mining to avoid sea erosion.

Government’s decision followed incidents of sea erosion that severely destroyed several homes and other properties valued thousands of United States Dollars.

The erosion, at the time, hit several communities along the sea coast in Monrovia and Sinkor, suburb of the Liberian Capital.


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