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New Indonesian Football Regulation Affects Liberian Players

By Richard Manuba

( footballers plying their trade in the Asian state of Indonesia have been hit by a new regulation, the ‘PT Liga Indonesia.’

PT Liga Indonesia is the forerunner of that nation’s top football league dubbed, ‘Liga Super Indonesia’ which may drastically cut down their presence in the top league.

An advisory released by the Indonesian league’s corporate sponsors indicates that the participation of players from 13 countries, including Liberia, has been ruled out.

This regulation mainly concerns teams competing under the auspices of PT Liga Indonesia.

Giving a more vivid picture of this heart-piercing development, the Corporate Secretary of the League, Tigor Shaloom Bobby, said: “Footballers from the 13 countries will no longer be accepted to participate in the PT Liga Indonesia.”

“Bangladesh, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Israel, as well as Cameroon, Guinea, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia and Liberia are countries whose footballers are being affected by the latest regulation,” Mr. Bobby also said.

Giving justification for the measure, he added: “It takes a long haul for players from those Countries to leave the doors of immigration officers when they slip off the ambits of Indonesian state-laws.”

Tigor is quoted as also saying: “If players from these countries make little mistakes, they are immediately called by immigration. It is likely they have to go to immigration every week.”

The league’s sponsors, in the words of their spokesman, Tigor Shaloom, further noted: “It is best they don’t play in Indonesia at all, rather than causing trouble for the concerned players and their teams.”

“Players from these 13 countries are infamous for their indiscipline, particularly in terms of lateness in taking care of administrative issues. This disrupts our clubs’ participation in the league,” Tigor stressed.

“This ban has already been communicated to all clubs in the PT Liga Indonesia, and the authority looks up to them for forceful implementation.”

Liberia is surely hit hard by this new procedure, because unlike top notch footballers like George Weah, James Debbah, Joe Nagbe, Kelvin Sebwe, Jonathan Sogbie, Oliver Makor, Zizi Roberts amongst others, the current group of players has a heavily concentrated presence in Asian football leagues, particularly, Indonesia.

Zah Rahan-Krangar is celebrating his club Persipura Jayapura’s top flight championship winning feat for the current season at its concluding stages.

Some Liberian footballers, now back home, were deported from Indonesia, having served jail sentences there for allegedly committing misdemeanors.  


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