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Mary Brohs confirmation suffers setback again

By Titus Tokpah
Monrovia City Mayor-Designate, Mary Broh
Monrovia City Mayor-Designate, Mary Broh

( confirmation of Monrovia City Mayor-Designate, Mary Broh, has suffered another setback at the Senate.

A motion for reconsideration filed by Grand Gedeh County Senator, Isaac Nyenabo, was Tuesday, August 6, 2013 defeated by members of the Senate.

This means that Madam Broh may not go through confirmation hearing.

Before the 26 break, the august body withdrew Madam Broh’s name from its committee on Internal Affairs and rejected her from going through confirmation hearing, but a motion for reconsideration was filed.

The Senate will again decide whether Madam Broh will go through confirmation hearing before the Plenary or finally be rejected since her name was withdrawn from committee rom.

Our Legislative reporter however says Madam Broh is getting support from some Senators who earlier rejected her.

Our reporter also said: “Nine Senators Tuesday, August 6, 2013 voted for Madam Broh to go through the legislative exercise, an increased number than the three who earlier voted for her.”

Early this year, Madam Broh resigned her post as Monrovia City Mayer, amidst public pressure that resulted into the Legislature’s later decision to declare her as ‘non governmental material.’

The lawmakers’ action was based on the then Monrovia City Mayor’s role in ‘preventing’ Montserrado County Superintendent, Grace Kpan, from being sent to jail.

The lawmakers decided to imprison the then Superintendent for her alleged failure to account for over 50-thousand United States Dollar County development fund.

Amidst public calls for her return to City Hall, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf re-nominated controversial Mary Broh as Monrovia City Mayor, a position she had resigned few months ago.

Madam, Broh’s hope to pass her first confirmation remains hanging in the balance at the National Legislature on Capitol Hill, as there is hauling and pulling among the Senators whether or not the Mayor-Designee should go through the legislative exercise.

Whether or not the Senate accepts Madam Broh’s return to City Hall as Mayor, it remains evidently clear on the records that Mary’s passion for the Monrovia City Mayor ship cannot be overemphasized.

Also, her hard work and dedication to duty, and her over-riding sense of clean environment, especially shown during her first tenure at the official headquarters of the Liberian Capitol, surpass those of other persons who ever served in such honorable position at the Monrovia City Hall.

All eyes are now set on the Senate for a resounding decision on Mary’s return to the Monrovia City Hall.


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