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Unity Party presses for Information Ministers Resignation

By Edward Kennedy
Information Minister, Lewis Brown
Information Minister, Lewis Brown

( Ruling Unity Party (UP) is calling for the resignation of Liberia’s Information Minister, Lewis Brown.

UP Secretary General, Wilmot Paye, said: “The party’s decision to call for Minister Brown’s resignation stems from his (Brown’s) press statement issued August 1, 2013.”

“In that press statement, he insinuated that the party is against the inclusion of opposition elements in government, Mr. Paye also said.

“The statement released by the Information Minister was his personal view,” the UP Secretary General told journalists in Monrovia.

He added: “President Sirleaf gave the government’s official position during the celebration of the Independence Day in Tubmanburg.”

“Let me say here for the record also that the President of Liberia and our Standard Bearer is not troubled by the Independence Day oration as Minister Brown insinuated in his press statement,” Mr. Paye further noted.

The UP Executive said: “As you can see, he has since August 1, 2013 struggled to clarify that the statement he made was his personal view. Of course the most reasonable thing would have been to make this clarification at the beginning of that press conference.”

Giving the party’s official position on Minister Brown’s statement at a press conference Wednesday August 7, 2013, the Unity Party secretary general added: “The Minister’s decision to use a facility established to promote the public interest for his personal agenda, is an abuse of public office which must be condemned in the strongest term.”

He described Minister Brown’s decision to use the public platform for his insinuating comments as a “breach of public trust.”

“It reminds us of our earlier concern expressed by many that Mr. Brown’s presence in government might not have been desirable” he also added.

“We should not forget that it was this presence that compelled some critics to draw unnecessary parallels in 2012 between us and previous governing political parties,” Mr. Paye said.

The Unity Party secretary General further reminded journalists of Mr. Brown’s criticism of his predecessors when he described the Information Ministry as a ‘sleeping giant.’

“But fifteen months later, it is uncertain if this sleeping giant will ever wake up, because Mr. Brown has taken a comfortable position near the sleeping giant and subsequently fallen asleep himself,” he emphasized.

“Instead of the Minister focusing on waking up the sleeping giant, he has embarked on negative propaganda against the party that brought him on board,” the UP Official further said.

Mr. Paye concluded that the best way to begin is for Minister Brown to step aside, having failed to keep his own vow.


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