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I was unconstitutionally removed-Kilby breaks silence

By Sobor George
Liberias former Auditor-General, Robert Kilby
Liberias former Auditor-General, Robert Kilby

  ( name Robert kilby has become a familiar name in the auditing arena of Liberia.

Recently, Mr. Kilby became the center of public debate when President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf appointed him to the position of Auditor-General (AG) at Liberia’s General Auditing Commission (GAC) of Liberia.

He was rejected by the House of Senate, following his confirmation hearing at the home of the National Legislature, but after couple of months, President Johnson-Sirleaf re-appointed him to the post.

This time around, he had an easy passage, following a second confirmation hearing at the Senate.

But just less than a year, Mr. Kilby’s trouble began over what was termed ‘conflict of interest’ for which he was sacked by the president.

Obviously, the former AG is not happy over his short tenure at the GAC.

He claimed then, “I was unconstitutionally removed, because I was never investigated prior to my removal.”

“I was never a part of any monetary transaction for services rendered,” he clarified.

Mr. Kilby further claimed, “I never received a cent from whatever contract I entered into with the General Services Agency (GSA), because the entity defaulted on the agreement.”

“I could have been guilty of conflict of interest, if only I had received money from services rendered the GSA,” he further argued.

“I was never given the opportunity to be heard by the House of Representatives on allegations leveled against me, but the Lower House went ahead and approved my dismissal,” Mr. Kilby said.

He told mylbsonline, “I am considering the next course of action to better address my concerns.”

The former AG made these claims when he broke silence Thursday, August 8, 2013 after a long period of muteness.

The appointment of Auditor General of Liberia is done by the Liberian Presidency, with the advice and consent of the Senate, and once appointed to the position, the appointee serves a four- year tenure.

The President can dismiss the AG, based on acts of maleficent, incompetence, or disability.


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