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Government re-opens Vital Statistics Bureau

By James Akoi
A sample of a birth certificate
A sample of a birth certificate

( Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has ordered the temporary re-opening of the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

President Johnson-Sirleaf also wants the Bureau be headed by an Acting Director for two months, prior to the appointment of a Director.

The Bureau of Vital Statistics is the only legal entity that issues birth certificates under the umbrella of Liberia’s Health and Health and Social Welfare Ministry.

It can be recalled that on June 28, 2013 the Liberian Leader ordered the temporary closure of the Bureau to probe the issuance of birth certificates in the country.

A special investigative committee was then set up by the Liberian Leader to investigate the processes and procedures in issuing birth certificates to individuals citizens.

The committee, supervised by the Justice Ministry, was instructed to submit its findings and recommendations to the office of the President.

The group’s recommendations should also focus on measures to help tackle human trafficking in Liberia. It has accordingly put forth a number of recommendations already considered by President Johnson-Sirleaf.

The recommendations include the broadening of the mandate of the investigative committee to include the Bureau of Passport and Visas, among others.

Meanwhile, the President has further instructed all notaries Public to immediately stop issuing attestations for the purpose of obtaining birth certificates and passports. 


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