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Lower House approves $US585m draft National Budget

By Titus Tokpah
The Capitol Building
The Capitol Building

( House of Representatives has approved the 2013/2014 draft National Budget with the additional increment of more than US$29m.

In its wisdom, the House of Representatives raised the National Budget to US$5,82931m, following careful scrutiny.

Earlier, the Finance Ministry submitted a draft budget of US$5,53262m.

“Additional US$10m of the increment will go toward the Hydro Project,US$3m for health workers’ wages and medical supplies.

“The budget also reflected over US$1m allotted for public school teachers on payroll,” the House Committee Chairman on Ways, Means and Finance, Representative Emmanuel Nuaquay said.

Representative Nuaquay added: “The controversial US$13m, paid by the European Union (EU) as part of the Pool Fund, was set aside to be managed exclusively by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.”

The draft National Budget has been sent to the Liberian Senate for concurrence.

Meanwhile, the allotments of several government entities, including the State-run Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), have been increased in the draft National Budget.

LBS’s allotment now reflects a US$100,000 increment, while various community colleges were allotted US$50,000 each in the draft National Budget.

Under the Budget Committee Shifting Table, the office of the Vice President of Liberia was given an additional increment of US$700,000 and the Foya Central High School got additional US$50,000 increments.

At the same time, the House of Representatives has, for the first time, allotted US$400,000 to Legislative Capital Radio and Security.

It also allotted US$1m as increment for the payment of retired legislators, and US$900,000 for the payment of two-year retroactive salaries to legislative staffers.

The said retroactive salaries represent the US$25.00 increment promised civil servants in 2012 by the government.


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