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Medecins Du monde ends support to C.B. Dunbar Hospital

By Al Bowier
An international medicalNGO operating in Central Liberia
An international medicalNGO operating in Central Liberia

( administration and staffs of the C.B. Dunbar Hospital in Gbarnga, Bong County, is said to be gaped by fear and uncertainty as Medecins Dumonde ends support to the hospital.

The Administrator of the C.B. Dunbar Hospital, Patience Marshall said: “The pull out of Medecins Dumonde comes at the end of August 2013, may worsen working condition among staffs if the support of   Dumonde comes to a halt.”

The  disclosure was made   Friday, August 9, 2013 in Bong County by Madam Marshall when mylbsonline Reporter toured C.B. Dunbar Hospital's facility.

She said: “About 80 % of the staff is not on Government pay-roll, and that workers at the hospital may also be laid off as the international NGO goes ahead with its announced plans. We look forward to Government’s swift intervention in support of the hospital.”

The Liberian health worker remanded that:  “The hospital as a public health provider needs the total support of Government and its partners to keep workers’ morale high.”

Medecins Dumonde is an international NGO providing drugs, other Medicare, and   maintenance of the hospital as well as stipend for   staffs at the C.B. Dunbar Hospital.

C.B. Dunbar Hospital provides public health services and carters to more than 200 patients, including pregnant women and children on a daily basis.

Since the pronouncement of Medecins Dumonde to pull out, residents of Bong County, mainly Gbarnga City are also worried over a complete closure of the doors when the plans are realized.


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