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Liberian amputees take on their Kenyan counterparts Saturday

By Richard Manuba
   Liberian Amputees Champion
Liberian Amputees Champion

(’s National Amputee Football Team takes on their Kenyan counterparts Saturday, August 24, 2013.

August 24 each year is the West African nation’s National ‘Flag Day’ [Holiday], but standing in the way of that piece of entertainment is the lack of finance to underwrite the cost of the showdown.

Kenya are poised to assemble member countries of Amputee football’s governing body for Africa [AFFA], but they see as an essential dress-rehearsal to the hosting challenge, a first time friendly with Liberia.

The Liberian team, the “Lonestar,” currently prides the country as two-time current defending champions of the Africa Cup of Nations code-named, CANAF.

The West Africans won the game’s top prize in 2011, when Ghana hosted the tournament. Preceding that triumph was laying hands on similar achievement when they staged the event in Monrovia in 2009.

The President of Liberia Amputee Football and Sports Association, Cooper Melvin Gotteh, told “We are in dire need of US$11,000.00 to underwrite the bills for the Kenya international match on National Flag Day in Monrovia.”

Mr. Gotteh said: “Right now our government is in the process of passing into law the operational budget for the next fiscal year, so we are finding it difficult to raise the money needed to host our East African counterparts.”

Melvin also said: “We would appreciate kind gesture donations from corporate entities, or concessionaires and individuals to ensure we raise the money budgeted to take care of hotel accommodation, travels [internal/external], plus other associated costs.”

“We have written a number of top figures whom we strongly hope will attend a massive fund-raising rally Saturday, August 18, 2013,” he added.

The rally will take place at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) in Monrovia, and coming before the rally is an exhibition match between the national team (The Lone Star) and an All-star team, comprising players from all six local amputee football clubs.

The amputee football leadership wants the public contact them via phone numbers: +231886449387, or +231886971759.


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