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LACC Boss wants corruption laws enacted

By Richmond Pay
 Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission Chair, Frances Johnson-Morris,,
Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission Chair, Frances Johnson-Morris,,

(’s Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) Chairman, Francis Johnson-Allison, has frowned on the lack of legislation to make illegal the acquisition of wealth in Liberia a crime.

Chairman Johnson-Allison said: “The situation is undermining the fight against corruption in the country.”
She also said: “Such law will help protect state resources and, curtail waste and abuse of public funds.”

The Liberia Anti Corruption Commission boss spoke to Wednesday, August 14, 2013 in Monrovia.

“It may   be difficult for Liberia and other countries in the sub-region to succeed in reducing financial mal-practices in the absence of the requisite legislations,” Cllr. Johnson-Allison emphasized.

“I am disappointed over the prolonged delay by the National Legislature to enact laws that will   address   corruption-related cases in the country.”

The LACC Chairperson’s comments followed a two-day workshop on the United Nations Convention against corruption.

The workshop was attended by civil society organizations, the media, and government ministries and agencies.


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