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EU approves 5.5m Euros for Liberias decentralization

By James Akoi
EU Ambassador to Liberia, Attilio Pacfici
EU Ambassador to Liberia, Attilio Pacfici

( European Union (EU) has approved 5.5m Euros to be  disbursed to the Liberian Government.

The amount, an equivalence of US$7.3m, is focused on Liberia’s 5-year Decentralization Implementation Plan by the Internal Affairs Ministry.

The contribution is under the European Development Fund (EDF) Program and is aimed at supporting government’s efforts in implementing the adopt National Policy on Decentralization and Local Governance from 2013 to 2017.

EU Ambassador to Liberia, Attilio Pacfici, said: “The program represents an important contribution to strengthen inclusive socio-economic growth, sustainable political harmony, right-based and responsive development.”

Details are being worked out for the signing of the financing agreement to facilitate the funds’ transfer through the UNDP to the Liberian Government.

Meanwhile, Internal Affairs Minister, Morris Dukuly, lauded the European Union, on behalf of the Liberian Government, for what he called, the Ambassador’s strong facilitation and the EU’s substantial initial contribution to the Decentralization Program.

The Internal Affairs Ministry Boss noted: “I look forward to continuing cooperation and EU member states’ support to the government, particularly on the Decentralization Program.


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