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Prez. Sirleaf congratulates African counterparts

By Patrick Flomo
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia

( Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has sent message of congratulation to the Presidents-Elect of Mali and Zimbabwe for their victories in their respective country’s elections.

In her separate messages to Presidents-Elect, Ibrahim Keita and Robert Mugabe, President Johnson-Sirleaf extended, on behalf of the Liberian Government and people, warmest congratulations for the milestone in the histories of Mali and Zimbabwe.

The Liberian Leader said: “Their victories are milestones of the confidence the peoples of Mali and Zimbabwe have in their abilities to lead them at this time.”

She also said: “Mr. Keita’s election marks a great victory for democracy, not only for Mali, but for Africa.”

“I look forward to collaborating with him as he steers his country back to normality and seeks to heal the national wounds of the recent past.”

Also, the President noted: “I hope the Zimbabwean people, under the leadership of Mr. Mugabe, will continue to enjoy the blessing of peace, unity and prosperity as I look forward to working along with him in the interest of African Unity, solidarity and world peace.”

Meanwhile, President Jiohnson-Sirleaf has sent another congratulatory message to the President of Cote d’Ivoire, Dr. Alassan Quattara, for the successful conclusion of the Presidential Election in Mali in which Ibrahim Keita emerged victorious.

In her message to Dr. Quattara, the Liberian President expressed, on behalf of the Liberian Government and people, and in her own name, well deserved congratulations and commendation.

“This achievement is in no small measure, due to his leadership and tireless effort as Chairman of ECOWAS to restore this sister African country to constitutional order,” President Johnson-Sirleaf further noted.

She added: “I hope the new government will spare no effort to reconcile the Malian people to begin enjoying the benefit of peace, tranquility and sustainable development.”


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