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17th defense witness accuses govt for fathers death

By Fallah Matthews
 Some of the  alledged  mercenary suspects on trial
Some of the alledged mercenary suspects on trial

( 17th defense witness in the trial of 18 Liberian alleged mercenaries’ is accusing government of being responsible for his father’s death.

The trial is ongoing at Criminal Court “D” at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.

Mercenary suspect, Alex Bobby Julu, says: “The detention and prosecution of my father, General Charles Julu, by the government contributed immensely to his death.”

He told the court: “My arrest and prosecution is a witch hunt by the Liberian Government.”  Mr. Julu noted: “I played no role in the Ivorian civil conflict for me to have been arrested and charged with such crime.”

The defendant also added: “Though I went to Ivory Coast on a number of occasions, I never conspired with the rest of the accused to destabilize that country.”

On the question of change of name on a number of occasions, defendant Julu also told the court: “I resolved to change my name from Alex Bobby Julu to Alfred Bobby James, Jr. to avoid being arrested by state security forces on false allegations.”

The trial continues Wednesday, August 21, 2013 with government lawyers continuing to cross examine defendant Julu.


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