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Liberia-Kenya friendly gets first big donation

By Richard Manuba
A player of the National Ampetee team
A player of the National Ampetee team

(’s Amputee National Football Team’s friendly with Kenya this weekend has received boost from a local sports charity in Liberia.

“Soccer for Hope,” formerly named “Football for Hope,” has placed US$1,000.00 into the National Team Mobilization Committee’s basket in response to its calls for US$11,000.00 assistance.

Soccer for Hope Executive Secretary, Andy Quamie, presented the cheque, bearing the amount, to the Liberia Sports Writers Association’s President, Fombah Kanneh.

Mr. Quamie is CAF and FIFA’s Match Commissioner.  Fomah  Kenneh was selected to head the Amputee ‘Lonestar’ Team’s fundraising and mobilization committee.

The amount is the single largest since the physically-challenged national football team launched its fundraising and mobilization campaign recently.

The membership of the committee entirely comprises prominent local sports Journalists.

Soccer for Hope’s kind gesture now adds to recent offer by the Liberian Government that it will finance the cost of hotel accommodation for both the visitors and the home team.

mylbsonline has learnt that the government’s support amounts to nearly US$6,000.00 which now leaves the Amputee Football Team’s leadership still searching for the balance of US$4,000.

Mr. Fombah Kanneh has heaped commendations on the local sports charity for cashing-in for the promotion and development of amputee football in Liberia.

In an interview with, Mr. Kanneh appealed to corporate entities and good-will wealthy personalities to render the team financial assistance to support its international friendly with the East African side this Saturday, August 24, 2013.

To make a donation to the amputee football national team, interested persons and institutions can contact telephone number: +231886487774.

The Liberian Amputee National Football Team is the current champions of Africa, and they are, for the second time, defending the top prize in a row.


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