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Senate orders dismissed GAC employees reinstatement

By Dyrus Zinnah
 Former GAC Boss Robert Kilby
Former GAC Boss Robert Kilby

 ( Liberian Senate has ordered the reinstatement of thirty nine dismissed employees of the General Auditing Commission (GAC).

The Senate’s decision follows a report by an Ad-Hoc Committee in which the committee said: “The dismissal was wrongfully done.”

The 39 employees were dismissed early 2013 by the GAC, due to what the entity referred to as “Budgetary constraints.”

The Ad-Hoc Committee, however, reported to Plenary that the GAC was never faced with any budgetary constraints as the public was being made to believe.

The Senate Committee also said: “The GAC dismissed the thirty nine persons and employed seventy four others.”

It described the Commission’s action as “unprecedented”.


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