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Criminal Court D clarifies proceedings in libel case

By Fallah Matthews
The Jailed FPA Publisher and Managing Editor
The Jailed FPA Publisher and Managing Editor

( Court “D” Assigned Judge has clarified that the court’s proceedings in the libel case brought against Journalist Rodney Sieh were characterize by high degree of transparency. 

Judge Yussif Kaba said: “While I was presiding over the libel case, relevant information on alleged irregularities brought to the court’s attention were promptly addressed.”
He said: “One of the court’s bailiffs and a juror were jailed for acts incompatible with their job.”

“Every application made available by lawyers of both parties that needed the court’s intervention was appropriately tackled to the parties’ satisfaction,” Judge Kaba further noted.

He added: “The parties were at liberty to seek remedy, if they were not satisfied with the decision of the court.”

“The clarification was necessary to educate some members of the public who have been accusing the Civil Law Court of irregularities during the libel trial of Journalist Sieh,” he also noted.

Meanwhile, the Resident Circuit Judge of the Civil Law Court, Yussif Kaba, is calling on those apprehensive about the court’s decision to visit the court and go through the records on the Rodney Sieh’s libel case.

“This is necessary in that it would give a clearer understanding of how the proceedings were conducted,” Judge Kaba emphasized.


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