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Media executives want public respect courts verdict

By Arthur Douglas

( public has been cautioned to respect the Supreme Court’s verdict in the US$1.5M libel case.

The verdict in the libel case was recently handed down by the Supreme Court against Mr. Sieh.

The case involved FrontPage Africa Managing Editor, Rodney Sieh, and former Agriculture Minister, Christopher Toe.

The Publisher of the Chronicle Newspaper, Philipbert Brown and the Liberia News Agency Director General, Nagbe Sloh, are calling for a compromise in the case.

Mr. Brown said: “I want the public not to politicize the court’s verdict, because the decision came out of a legal process that lasted for about four years.”

He said: “Rodney Sieh blundered for not following up his appeal with the Supreme Court and, therefore, he should be man enough to apologize to Dr. Toe to settle the matter.”

Mr. Sloh is appealing to Dr. Toe to exercise “statesmanship” and forgive the FrontPage Africa Managing Editor on grounds that he has already obtained redress in the court’s decision which redeemed his character.

“Though Dr. Toe is entitled to an apology, I am afraid that the process of apology, such as demanding specific choice of words, could prolong or intensify the matter,” he noted.

The two media executives spoke to Monday, August 26, 2013 in Monrovia.

Meanwhile, the victim in the corruption allegation, Christopher Toe, told Monday afternoon that he is willing to reconcile for a compromise, provided it meets the desire of his accuser, Rodney Sieh.        

Dr. Toe, however, said: “The issue of compromise could only be done in the right environment and, under the right terms and conditions.”


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