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New Hope FC wins LFA 3rd Division Playoff

By Kolubah Zayzay
New Hope FC
New Hope FC

( Liberia Football Association (LFA) Third Division playoff ended at the weekend with Margibi County’s Third Division Champions, New Hope FC, winning the competition.

Following the win, the team was crowed as Champions of the 2013 LFA National Third Division Playoff and promoted to the Second Tier of Liberian Football.

New Hope FC’s achievement led to its promotion to the LFA Second Division level.

The team won the title Friday, August 23, 2013 in front of favorite, Muscat FC, on one goal difference at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) in Monrovia.

Muscat FC defeated New Hope FC 3-2 to finish as runners-up in the concluding game of the 2013 National 3rd Division Playoff at the ATS.

Muscat FC’s fine display in the first half saw them scored three goals in 29 minutes, but failed to repeat that form in the second half, despite having a man advantage over their opponents.

One goal in each half was enough to give the Unification Town boys the title.

New Hope FC, like Muscat FC, scored five goals in three games, but the Montserrado County Champions had accumulated 5 goals against, with New Hope accumulating 4 against.

Maryland County Champions, Great Atina FC, staged a goal feast against Lofa County Champions, Kalu FC, at the Blue Field in the PHP Community.

Atina, already eliminated before going into that match, became king-makers as they were seen flogging Kalu FC 5-1 at the PHP field.

Kalu FC needed the win to get the chance of reaching the second division, but failed miserably to the Southeastern boys, thus leading to their exiting the competition.

Ten teams from nine of the fifteen counties participated in the National 3rd Division Playoff.
New Hope FC will now “chop” three thousand United States dollars for winning the 3rd Division Championship, while Muscat FC will receive half of the amount as runners-up.

The Du Port Road Boys are also promoted to the 2nd division level.    


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