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House begins hearing on Code of Conduct Bill

By Dyrus Zinnah
The Capitol Building
The Capitol Building

 ( House of Representatives, through its committee on Good Governance, has begun hearings on the Code of Conduct Bill.

The Bill was recently passed by the Senate.

According to reporter at the Legislature, the discussion focused on issues of gifts, tokens and other policy matters on the alleged abuse of state vehicles by public officials.

During the hearing, the House Good Governance Committee also discussed the time for public officials and government employees to go to work, but with different views.

At the same time, representatives from the Governance Commission, Liberia Anti Corruption Commission and Civil Society organizations, called on the House of Representatives to concord with the Senate on the Bill passage.

House Committee Chair on Good Governance, Acarous Gray, called for the passage of the Bill before the Legislature’s break, provided the controversial issues are made clear.

Governance Commission Commissioner, Ruth Japah, said: “The Code of Conduct Bill is not perfect. I am calling for its passage into law.”

The Bill was introduced during the 52nd Legislature and is being sponsored by Grand Bassa County Senator, Gbezongar Findley.

It is co-chaired by Bong County Senator, Jewell Howard Taylor.


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