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Kenyan police investigates British army colonels murder

From BBC
Top officials of the Kenyan Police
Top officials of the Kenyan Police

( in Kenya are investigating the murder of a former British army colonel killed by an armed gang at his home near Nanyuki.

Police said: “David Parkinson and his wife were attacked after a gang of suspected robbers, armed with machetes and a gun, smashed their way into the house early Sunday, August 25, 2013.”

According to the BBC, Mrs. Parkinson escaped after hiding in a strong room. The BBC said: “Mr. Parkinson, an ex-commander of a base in the area, managed a cattle ranch.”

The BBC quotes a senior investigating officer, Marius Tum, of Laikipia East police as having said: “About 5 gang members had gained entry to the house by smashing a glass door just before 1:00 AM local time Sunday and found the couple sleeping.”

Investigator Tum also added: “During the ensuing confrontation, Mr. Parkinson’s hand was cut severely and he was fatally wounded.”

“The gang had escaped with a small haul, including Mrs. Parkinson’s telephone, a small amount of cash from her purse, a laptop computer and a silver carving, police said.


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